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Aranyak is one of the structuring dynamics of Rk Veda. It highlights the STIRRING quality involved in structuring Rk Veda. With reference to consciousness, Aranyak comprises the specific sets of laws of Nature that are engaged in promoting the quality of Devata — the process of observation, the dynamism of observing in the witnessing quality of Rishi — within the Samhita level of consciousness, providing a structure to the eternally silent, self-referral, self-sufficient, fully awake state of consciousness, which is intimately personal to everyone. (complete table of qualities)

Aranyak illustrates the underlying mechanics of transformation and processing through living examples. Maharishi explains the term as being 'Arany' and 'AK', which means the churning of 'AK'.

In the physiology, Aranyak is represented by the spino-spinal fasciculi or fasciculi proprii. These are short, crossed and uncrossed, ascending and descending fibre systems, which begin and end within the spinal cord.

Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature — Prof. Tony Nader-Ram in Human Physiology: Expression of Veda and the Vedic Literature,
p. 183
Aranyak Physiology
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1. Jaiminīya Āraṇyak
2. Śhāṅkhāyana Āraṇyak
3. Chhāndogya Āraṇyak
4. Maitrāyaṇiya Āraṇyak
5. Aitareya Āraṇyak
6. Taittiriya Āraṇyak

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi
on the importance of
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Transcendental Meditation technique:

Maharishi has completely restored the thousand-of-years-old scattered Vedic Literature for the total significance of its theory and practice, and has organized it in the form of a complete science of consciousness.

Transcendental Meditation is the subjective technology of Maharishi's Vedic Science of Consciousness.

Maharishi's Vedic Science and Technology is a complete Science and Technology of Consciousness; it is the complete science and technology of life, capable of raising all aspects of life to perfection.

Maharishi Forum of Natural Law and National Law for Doctors, p. 295

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Atharva Veda Yajur Veda Sama Veda Atharva Veda Pratishakhya (Chaturadhyayi) Krishna-Yajur-Veda Pratishakhya (Taittiriya) Sama Veda Pratishakhya (Pushpa Sutram) Atharva Veda Pratishakhya Shukl-Yajur-Veda Pratishakhya Rk Veda Pratishakhya Itihas Puran Smriti Brahmana Aranyak Upanishad Vyakaran Kalp Shiksha Jyotish Chhand Nirukt Nyaya Vaisheshik Samkhya Yoga Karma Mimansa Vedant Gandharva Veda Dhanur Veda Sthapatya Veda Harita Samhita Bhel Samhita Kashyap Samhita Charak Samhita Sushrut Samhita Vagbhatt Samhita Bhava-Prakash Samhita Sharngadhar Samhita Madhav Nidan Samhita